Help imposter escape

Have a great fun with this action game in gogy games unblocked! Help Impostor escape! The impostor is stuck in a weird realm from which he cannot escape. Assist him in completing all fifty stages! Earn additional skins and demonstrate your ability to play difficult games. The most important thing is to persevere! That may be challenging, but you can do it and save your impostor. You will also expand your favorite game world with a lot of similar games like Drac & Franc. Sure this journey will surprise you with your choice. Don't hesitate to enjoy that world.

Key Features:

Can you play this game all the way through all 50 levels? At first, the game might seem easy, but then it will feel really hard. Collect all the stars to finish the game and make all the characters playable.

Instruction to play:

Use arrow key or WASD for moving. Use spacebar for jump. Use joystick in mobile version.