Army Cargo Driver 2

The drive to the battlefield is going to be bumpy. Only the best driver can keep all the cargo and the goods on the truck while driving through the obstacles and the bullets with this gogy 2 player. Will you challenge your driving skills with the most intense situations during wars?

This is the second version of Army Cargo Driver. The gameplay remains the same, which is a cool truck driving game for players of all ages. However, if you have tried the first version at gogy free online, you can easily find that the creators have added many cool features to make the game much better.

Your truck is loaded with all kinds of military goods which need to be shipped to different base camps. While delivering these things, you need to make sure to avoid dropping any boxes, barrels or any other containers. Each of these boxes will be important and helpful for the military, so be very careful while carrying out the task. Careful as you might be, don't take too long and pay attention to the time limit as well.

It's one of the best driving games at Better equipment and better vehicles will make the job much easier, so you should splurge the money at the store to buy more updates. Bear in mind that if you fail to hit the break at the appropriate time, the cargo might slip off the vehicles. If you feel like exploring a little bit more, don't miss out on other adventures with the games such as Burni'n Rubber: Cartapult and Crazy Traffic

Instruction to play:

Drive with the arrows and W, A, S, D, and use the space to handbrake.