Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer

Crazy Stunt Cars Multiplayer is the super fun online driving game which is playable gogi com. If you are expecting a common circuit, you will be surprised because this is something completely different. Here, everybody is just flying in the air, and the higher and further you go, the better! 


At gogy wonderful games for free, you have a large selection of cars to choose from, each car has a different unique ability so select your favorite and hit the roads. You can put your pedal to the metal and speed around with your friends. You can drive freely around the map that is filled with obstacles ready for you to perform awesome stunts on.


Show your friends that you are the ultimate driver with the best stunts in their arsenal. This is the multiplayer version of the Crazy Stunt Cars and Crazy Stunt Cars 2. You will also love this Madalin Cars Multiplayer. Each vehicle has its own driving model, which gives the game unique gameplay features and gaming experience.


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Instruction to play:


WASD and arrow keys to drive your car

R to repair

C to change the camera angle