Shipo IO is a online ship-battle game with 3D graphics that you can play here on googy games. You're a ship captain who seeks for fame and glory. Ahoy! Go sail on dreadful waters full of enemy ships, islands and treasures! In this fun adventure multiplayer online Shipo IO game, you have to search for other players and destroy their ships with your powerful cannon. 


Here in games at googy, to do that, you should always collect gold treasures from the ocean. You have limitless cannon on this game and you can always shoot. You should protect your self from other ships and their cannons. Left mouse buttot fires cannon. 


We already started to develope new features and improvements for the game. We are very happy if you write your feedback and assessment for us. Tell your buddies about this game and have fun with more similar games like at

Instruction to play:

Control your ship with your mouse and by left click, shoot other ships.