Stickman Archer 2

Stickman Archer is a classic stickman game that you can play here on gogy Games to play. You, a really skillful stickman armed with a bow and unlimited arrows, are standing on a platform being attacked by other stickman archers. You know you are going to fall sooner or later, but you want to take down as many of those skinny bastards as you can. So put your aiming skills to the test, get all your enemies and earn stars for every headshot to unlock cool features. 

Headshots earn extras money and kill your enemies in one shot; body shots require two hits and earn less cash, so try to aim carefully! As you progress and kill more stickmen, the platforms change location and appear randomly – this will keep you guessing and make you re-adjust your aim frequently. Have fun with gogy kids!

With the money you earn you can unlock new characters and level backgrounds to add extra variety to the game. How many headshots can you score in a row? Can you defeat wave after wave of enemies with accuracy and skill?

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Instruction to play:

How to play?

Use your mouse to control your character to shoot down the enemy in the game.