Spidey Swing

Here we have a very simple online game gogy that you can play even on your phone. Your objective will be to shoot spider-web and trying to get through all of the objectives into the finish line. To do that, you need to swing at a right angle and shoot your web at the right time. At first, this might seem easy, but it will get progressively harder. Try not to get hurt.

Spidey Swing is a fun-addicting Spiderman Rope Swing Game. In this gogy free online, control the Peter Parker ragdoll in his spidey costume through all stages using his well-known spider web. Try to jump from one spot to another swinging, letting go and shooting your powerful spider web again. Avoid hitting the walls and other obstacles too hard or the poor, masked superhero will suffer serious injuries, like losing a leg or an arm… or his precious spidey life. Earn up to 3 stars on every level and show you have what it takes to be a hero.

Enjoy Spidey Swing at http://gogy.xyz!

Instruction to play:

How to play: Use the arrows to swing or climb, the space button to let go or shoot.