2048 Cupcakes

Have you ever played the legendary 2048 game? Now you can enjoy remake of this awesome game at gogy Games girl. The rules are the same, only thing is there are sweet bakery treats instead of numbers, so you better not be hungry when you start playing! Move all the tiles move to all 4 directions to make the equals add until you reach 2048 points. Discover all flavors and enjoy 2048 Cupcakes! 


Who doesn’t love Cupcakes? Exactly, no one on Earth doesn’t love them, that’s why everything is much better when it’s replaced with one. The classic 2048 puzzle gogy game has gone through that delicious transformation and ended up with this cool version called 2048 Cupcakes. Even though that the game looks very easy, you may need hours to reach the final stage. I am sure you will enjoy the original version of the 2048 Cupcakes at our website.


This special moment requires a special ring designer, so let's play the game at http://gogy.xyz/. Do not miss the chance to win your friends if they also participate in this game. Share with online game players around the world and see what you stand for in the ranking of the best players today. Search for similar games with this game to play in your spare time like 4096

Instruction to play:


Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same symbol touch, they get promoted!