Hero Turtle

Friends kidnapped by the witch. Our hero of the game Hero Turtle needs to rescue them. GoGy Xyz adventure game updates this game with interesting content for players to explore in their spare time.

Are you ready for a brand new adventure game? Go through all levels with the hero turtle, defeat the evil witch and save all your friends. Let's start the adventure! If you fail to pass the obstacles or fall into the water, the game is over. Choose the best move to complete this mission. Did the witch catch up with you? Try to run the fastest and overcome difficult obstacles to win the levels in this new online game. Hero turtle is the new version of adventure games. Save your friends at the end of each stage as you try to win this online game.

Join new games at https://gogy.xyz if you have a lot of time to spare. After moving through the traps, you will save the turtle hero's friends at the end of the path. Start participating in the next level. We guide players through many obstacles through gameplay tips that other players have shared. Enjoy your winning moment today. This journey game is really fun. Join this game as many times as you can if you have collected the stars. Many online players enjoyed this winning moment. Will you flexibly change the way you move to escape the witch's traps? This excellent game helps players learn various lessons and relax. You also have the opportunity to participate in many other similar games such as Astronaut Steve.

Instruction to play:

Use S, D to roll or destroy, Space to jump over the obstacles