Zombie Royale.io

Are you a fan of zombie movies and enjoy playing zombie games? Then Zombie Royale.io on GoGy Game is the game for you.

In the game, you try to survive the Zombie Apocalypse by killing the Zombie Bosses. Earn more and more money every time you kill zombies to upgrade and buy items to help you survive. Show off your speed as well as your hand and eye reflexes. Mentally prepare you will have a great challenge waiting for you. Start playing!

In the world of Zombie Royale: You need to help survivors, kill as many zombies and bosses as you can, and collect coins. In PVP Mode: Kill other players until you become the last survivor. In Care Mode: Find all Gas and boost the car so you can get away from the epicenter of Zombie Apocalypse.

Only one player can be the last knives master of this game at https://gogy.xyz/. More cool io games are available for you such as Gun Night.IO. Enjoy all of them now!

Instruction to play:

Drag mouse to move