World Craft HD

World Craft is the super cool Minecraft style game on GoGy Xyz, the leading web game site. Build yourself a surreal 3D world in World Craft in the style of the hit Minecraft game. The HTML5 platform game is compatible with smartphones and desktop computers.

World Craft new textures, environments, and many other things for you to enjoy. Demonstrate your abilities by crafting cubes and cities, gardening, building your own house, and calling your pals. Play great experiences with your buddies. - High-quality graphics - Sunlight - New planets - New textures.

Take your time and enjoy every moment because all those moments are memorable. Create a more happy memory with other choices of games such as Adventure Craft and Mineworld Horror The Mansion.

Instruction to play:

Movement: W A S D

Destruction : Left Click

Build : Right Click

Exit : Escape