Ovar.io is a rather strange game that you can play here on gogy 2018 io games. I'm sure you would've guessed by the name that the game is about fertilization! Lets get this over with quick. You begin the game, after choosing a sperm class. Your goal is to fertilize as many ovas as you can. You'll find powerups all over the map that boost your life, energy and strength. Keep your tail safe and attack rival sperm with your head. Here's a tip: When you find an ova, spam that space bar to capture it! It's competitive... just like in real life!

The journey of a little sperm cell is about to begin. Compete with other players to win as many ovarios as possible. You're on your own here, so watch out for other players that are trying to eliminate you. Defend yourself by attacking their tails! Collect power-ups to boost your status and increase your battle capabilities. Can you dominate the map?

Have fun with http://gogy.xyz/

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Instruction to play:


The players only need to use your mouse on the computer.