Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is an engaging puzzle games on GoGy Online, the leading gaming website. Attractive card game combined with golf to create a new game, simple rules are easy to play, show your level of playing cards to win. HTML5 platform game compatible with smartphones and desktops, no downloads, no add-ons.

The web version of one of the most popular solitaire games in the world, Golf Solitaire, is now available to play online. It's the perfect game for solitaire enthusiasts! Each tableau pile must be cleared in order to achieve victory. Cards in each column may only be removed from the tableau if they are located at the top. Regardless of suit, cards may only be moved one rank higher or lower than the top card in the tableau before being discarded. It's possible to obtain a card from the stock and discard it if no cards may be moved. Here at, we have more puzzle games with the best gameplay for the fans of this genre with some of the good options such as Imposter Space Puzzle or Bubble Game 3.

Instruction to play:

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