Helix Jump 2

Helix Jump 2 is one of the most famous platform games which is playable www.gogy.com. Like the previous version, your task in the Helix Jump 2 is still simple that you will move the pillar to let the ball fall onto the yellow platforms while avoiding touching the brown ones. 


Welcome to the Helix Jump 2 – a new fun platform game! If you have played the version 1, so why not try Helix Jump 2 at juegos de gogy today? Do you still remember how to make the ball move? Come and prove your talents with excellent jumps! Have a good time!


At the first look at the game, you will find that it has a better visual than the original. The rules remain unchanged. Your mission is to move the pillar to let the ball fall onto the yellow platform only. The pillar has some holes and it will continuously rotate. You need to choose the perfect timing to turn it and let the ball fall through the holes. However, if the ball falls onto the brown platform, the game is over. 


There are so many challenging levels waiting for you to conquer. Improve your skills and keep progressing in the game! The score is calculated based on the number of pillar bases you have overcome. Do your best to have a high score and write your name on the Leaderboard! How many levels can you pass? 


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Instruction to play:


Rotate the pillar with the mouse.